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What is co-construction? It is an innovative way a homeowner can get their construction needs met with radically reduced costs. It is a partnership between Kass Construction and the homeowner to complete the project with first quality results at the best price possible.

The goal of co-construction is to give the homeowner the power. Many homeowners have the desire to improve their homes, but may not have the time, confidence or tools to do it on their own.  Co-construction gives the owner the ability to be involved and in control of the process that governs all of the decisions and costs associated with building.  Kass Construction LLC provides the skills and experience along with the tools to ensure the project is done professionally and efficiently. Co-construction allows the homeowner to maintain the decision-making authority and the ability to invest time and labor, as they desire, to help maximize efficiency and save costs.

Kass Construction is involved at the level the owner wishes. It is our mission to work in collaboration with the owner to find solutions that accomplish the construction objectives in the style and budget of the client. Kass Construction is here to propose solutions and resources that get the project done. Our involvement in the project can range from complete design, construct and finish to just providing tools and guidance.

The co-construction experience gives the homeowner the power and pride of being the builder without the risks. The sweat equity earned through co-construction brings rewards both personally as well as financially. The skills learned in working along side a professional often gives the owner new skills and confidence for future projects.

  • Built ins

    built ins Built ins are great for dead spaces where you can't fit furniture or other items. Building a bookshelf, nook or other item can be both practical and attractive.